Bamboo Shrimp: What They Eat and What to Feed?

Bamboo shrimp will typically eat anything that sticks to their fans. If you have bamboo shrimp in your aquarium, you should feed them algae powder, baby shrimp food, baby brine shrimp, or dehydrated fish food flakes. These shrimp are known to feed on anything they can catch.

Do you want to learn more about what you should feed bamboo shrimp? You’ve come to the right page. We will cover what you should be feeding bamboo shrimp and everything you should know about giving them food. Keep reading to learn more.

What Do Bamboo Shrimp Eat? 

Getting the diet right for bamboo shrimp is one of the trickiest aspects of their care. This is because they will eat nearly anything that they can filter. While you may think that’s great because it will be easy to feed them, you need to make sure the suitable particles get added to the tank so the bamboo shrimp grow to be healthy.

Ideally, you should feed bamboo shrimp foods that they can filter. Powdered foods or crushed flakes are ideal because they can easily filter them and get all the nutrients they need to eat healthily. It would be best if you always thought of “tiny” when choosing food for bamboo shrimp. That is why the following foods are the best choices:

  • Algae powder
  • Leftover fish food or crushed fish flakes
  • Baby brine shrimp or baby shrimp food

Nearly any edible particle that you place in the tank could get consumed by the shrimp. They will eat if bamboo shrimp can filter the food particles from the water with their fans. This also includes particles from edible plants that may be in the water. 

How Do Bamboo Shrimp Eat?

Bamboo shrimp use their fans to collect particles in the water. They swim around, using these fans like a net to collect any food they can find. It’s common for them to position themselves to go against a stronger current to collect the food. If there is a current in the tank, it’s recommended to release the food in the stream because it’s easier for them to catch.


These shrimp clean up the water by swimming around, catching the uneaten food particles. They will also clean up any edible plant particles that are floating around. When bamboo shrimp find the right location in the tank to collect food particles, they will hold a position for a long time to collect as much food as possible.

Seeing the bamboo in its food-catching position is unique. They will position the points of their legs on the surface they are on for better balance and then open up their feeding fans to collect the food.

How to Create the Right Environment in The Bamboo Shrimp Tank for Feeding?

People need to get right to feed their bamboo shrimp in the tank that the shrimp is living in. To begin with, it needs to be the right size. Don’t place your bamboo shrimp in a tank of fewer than 20 gallons (76 L). When it comes to their tank size, bamboo shrimp will always thrive in bigger tanks.

Next, you will need to consider the filter. It’s best to choose a filter with a strong flow. This will create a stream for the food to flow, similar to the shrimps’ natural habitat. It would help make the tank as identical to its natural habitat as possible to make feeding easier.

Bamboo shrimp are known to go into hiding between feedings, even if there are no predators in the tank. This is why it’s a good idea to add pieces of wood, rock, and boulders. These items are similar to what they would find in their natural habitat and provide great hiding spots.

Is It Okay to Add Plants to A Bamboo Shrimp’s Tank?

It’s perfectly safe to add edible plants to the bamboo shrimp’s tank, and it’s very much encouraged. Plants are great for two specific reasons:

1. Plant particles break off over time, giving the bamboo shrimp something to feed on.

2. They are great hiding spots for bamboo shrimp.

Plants have their fair share of benefits when added to the shrimp’s tank, essential for the bamboo shrimp’s comfort. Shrimp will thrive with several plants in their tanks. However, proper care is critical for the plants’ health and bamboo shrimps.

When you add fertilizer to the plants, it’s essential that you only use plant fertilizer that is shrimp safe. One of the biggest mistakes people make is using fertilizer pellets. This is dangerous because pieces of the pellet break off, and the shrimp can easily inhale those small fragments, which could have fatal results.

Can Bamboo Shrimp Eat Pellets?

If you find shrimp pellets at the pet store, they are not suitable for bamboo shrimp. Bamboo shrimp are filter feeders, which means they can only eat filtered foods through their feeding fan. This is why it’s recommended to feed them powdered food.

The shrimp can easily filter the food and get the proper nutrients for a healthy diet with powdered food sources. This is how they can grow to be healthy and thrive in the tank. 

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Final Thoughts- What Do Bamboo Shrimp Eat?

What do bamboo shrimp eat? Since bamboo shrimp are filter-feeders, they eat the edible particles they can collect in their feeding fans. The bamboo shrimp typically position themselves at the end of a stronger stream to collect any incoming food pieces. 

Since bamboo shrimp are filter-feeders, they need to eat powdered foods. The best things to feed a bamboo shrimp are algae powder, baby shrimp food, baby shrimp brine, or even crushed-up fish food flakes. If you crush fish food flakes yourself, always aim to get them as fine as possible before putting them in the tank.

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